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The PDS kids are different from us because, they have 75 kids in their 5th grade classes  and we only have 13 kids in our 5th grade class. Their school  is just a boy school and ours is a public school. We think they have an accent and they think we have an accent. They don't just have one 5th grade class  because they have to many boys in their class and they couldn't fit all of them in one classroom. They live in a city and we live in a town and so they can  go more places. 


I think it would be nice to live in Memphis because you could go to the Fed Ex Fourm, the Pea Body Hotel, and the Memphis Hotel. I think it would be  nice because they could go to the mall or go to the Fed Ex Fourm and watch basketall,  go to concerts, and go to WWE wrestling there to.


  We both like basketball games. We both switch classes for different periods. We both eat lunch and breakfast in the lunch in the lunchroom at school. We both are humans and we both need food and water. We both need effort to be able to write papagraphs for instace I do my homework mostly  everynight.


If I will see or might see someone who is different and they start talking to me or I start talking to them I will be polite. I will be polite to them because I don't want them to feel left out or different.


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